Don't Get Overwhelmed Planning Your Wedding: Plan With Less Stress

After struggling for years to create birthday parties and get togethers that people actually talked about and had fun at, I realized that I needed to do a little brushing up on my event planning. I started paying more attention to different ways to make an impact, and it was really incredible to see how much of a difference a few small details made. After attending a class on event planning, I felt more confident than ever before throwing an incredible party. This blog is all about creating events that everyone will remember so that you can strengthen your relationships.

Don't Get Overwhelmed Planning Your Wedding: Plan With Less Stress

15 June 2017
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Your wedding day is a joyous and memorable occasion, but it can also come with some difficulty. From deciding on a venue to working with vendors, the hard work that goes into the day can be a lot. Just don't let it overwhelm you. Here are some things you can do to enjoy the process and keep your stress level lower.

Assemble a Small Team

Your wedding day belongs to you and partner. While you can listen to their input, it's not about both your parents, your distant cousins and your friends from high school. The more people involved in the planning process, the more stressful.

When you get a large group of people together, the likelihood of them agreeing is small. Keep your decision-making crew small, aside from your partner maybe two other people is all you need and if you have a wedding planner, you might not need their input at all. Remember, smaller is better for your sanity.

Create a Binder

From the moment you say yes to the engagement, you should start creating a binder. Planning a wedding might seem simple, but when you start to think of all the tiny details that go into such a short ceremony, you will quickly realize it's not so easy after all.

Rather than get overwhelmed and forget something, you should create a binder that keeps all your important information in one place. From fabric swatches for bridesmaid dresses to the contact information for the cake maker, keep everything altogether. In the event you need your partner to take over something for you, they will have everything they need in the binder.

Consider One Rental Vendor

You will have someone making your dress, another person preparing your cake and someone else decorating the space. Save yourself some undue stress by dealing with just one rental vendor. Most party rental companies will have tables, chairs, lights, table linens and just about everything else you need to make your wedding and reception spectacular.

When you deal with just one vendor, you don't have to worry about running around town trying to negotiate contracts with different vendors. All you will need is one contract and you may even get a deal by working exclusively with a single vendor.

To fully enjoy your wedding day, you also need to enjoy the planning process. Don't let wedding planning consume you. Make sure you're taking the stress out of the process.

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