Host An Intimate Wedding And Reception At An Old Plantation

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Host An Intimate Wedding And Reception At An Old Plantation

16 June 2017
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If you live in a southern state, you are getting married soon, and plan on hosting an intimate wedding and reception at an old plantation, consider adding the following details to your plans to provide you, your spouse, and guests with a memorable and enjoyable time. 

Horse And Carriage Ride 

Rent a horse and carriage and coachman to transport you to the wedding. Before making your grand entrance, adorn the entryway to the plantation with containers of fresh flowers. Drape garland around the banister that is adjacent to the building's steps and lay a carpet across the ground, leading up to the stairs. Wear clothes that are reminiscent of the time era that the plantation was erected to provide your guests with a glimpse of the past and to help them feel as if they have stepped back in time.

Once you arrive at the plantation, guests can line up along both sides of the carpet and watch as you and your future partner disembark the carriage and make your way into the plantation to perform the nuptials. 

Outdoor Luncheon And Photographs

Hire a caterer and catering crew to assist with preparing a luncheon on the property that the plantation sits on. While you are inside of the plantation stating your vows, a caterer and crew can arrange tables outdoors that contain platters of meat, cheese, fruit, and vegetables.

Rental tables and chairs can be set up next to the tables of food so that attendees can conveniently retrieve the food items that they prefer before seating themselves. After the lunch is over, a professional photographer can take photographs of you, your spouse, and family members while standing in front of the plantation. 

Covered Bandstand And Dancing

Hire a local musician to perform during your wedding reception. When interviewing the musician, provide them with a list of some songs that you would like them to play during the reception. A gazebo or canopy can be used to create a makeshift bandstand that will protect the musician's instruments from becoming damaged if it rains and to block the sun's rays.

While the musician is performing, guests can mingle with one another or dance next to the gazebo or canopy. If it will get dark before the reception is over, install portable lights or lanterns outdoors so that the musician can see while they are playing their instrument and guests will continue to be provided with plenty of visibility.

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