Tips For Decorating A Wedding Reception Tent

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Tips For Decorating A Wedding Reception Tent

21 June 2017
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If you want to hold your wedding reception outdoors but prefer to have a covered space to celebrate in, consider renting an event tent. The tents, which are roomy enough to accommodate a large guest list, have an open, airy and casual feel while protecting you from the elements, such as rain or high winds. 

After installing the tent at your preferred location, such as a rural farm or on a beach, you can decorate it any way you'd like. Put your own personal stamp on it using pieces that reflect the wedding reception theme and color scheme, and use items, such as fresh flowers and plants, that bring a bit of the outdoors in. 

You can keep the space relaxed, with plenty of comfortable seating options for your guests, or glam it up with elegant decor. After you've decorated it, the event tent will offer the best of both the indoor and outdoor worlds.

Here are some ideas for enhancing wedding tents.

1. Lighting Elements 

One of the easiest ways to give any event venue instant ambiance is with lighting elements. If you're able to, hang wrought iron lanterns filled with LED tea lights from the poles on the tent's ceiling to give the space a casually elegant feel.

As another idea, you can place the lanterns on dinner tables to cast a soft glow across the tent. Lantern alternatives include country-inspired glass canning jars, vintage crystal candle holders or small, round glass vases filled with candy, gemstones or seashells along with the tealights. 

You can also wrap strings of small white lights around tent poles or on the trees surrounding the space to create a warm, romantic vibe.

2. Greenery 

Surround the event tent with fresh greenery so that the space blends seamlessly with the outdoors. If the tent is on a beach or the reception has a island theme, place tall potted tropical plants in the corners, and use lush bouquets of birds-of-paradise, hibiscus and orchids as table centerpieces. 

You can also have your florist design garlands out of greenery, and then wrap them around tent poles, chairs or lay them across tables as creative runners. 

3. Textiles 

Add warmth and a touch of sophistication to the tent with textiles. For instance, you can cover tables with crisp white cloths and wrap chairs with matching covers for an elegant, classic look. Add a pop of color with cloth napkins or plush chair cushions.

If the tent is open on the sides, you can drape airy fabric in colors that coordinate with your reception theme around it as a breezy outside barrier.