Selling Home Products At A Trade Show? 2 Tips To Set Up Your Home Expo Booth

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Selling Home Products At A Trade Show? 2 Tips To Set Up Your Home Expo Booth

20 August 2019
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If you sell home products, setting up a booth at a home show will help increase your sales. This will be even more productive for you if you set up and run the booth in the right way. Start by finding a company that will rent a booth to you, and then follow the two tips below to have a successful trade show.

Make Your Booth Welcoming

Always make sure there is someone sitting at your booth to welcome homeowners. It is not enough to lay out flyers and other literature on a table and then have no one there to explain things. To help with this, hire more than one person so there will always be someone at the booth.

As people walk up to the booth, stand up, smile, and offer them your hand. Seem like you are not busy at all even if you are and focus all your attention on that one person. This will tell them that you value your customers and will take good care of them if they purchase your products.

You could also have one of the employees stand a little bit away to help funnel people to your booth. These employees could interact with people, ask them questions, and so on, and then give them information about your products to pique their interest. The employee could then show them where your booth is.

Be Interactive

Bring as many people at once to your booth as you can. This will attract the attention of others around and then more will likely go to your booth. You can do this by being interactive. For example, show them a product and how it works. As you are showing them, talk excitedly about what the product is, how it works, and how it can benefit everyone. Think of the products that will work well in order to do this. Small products will be the easiest to use.

You could also set up a line of laptops or tablets showcasing your products. This is much more exciting than using paper products. People can see for themselves how the products work and look. This is also a great way to demonstrate one or more of your products.

Look for a company that can set up your home expo booth for you, as they will have a good understanding of how to set it up correctly. This can be a big help for you, as you will be very busy getting everything ready.

If this interests you, start looking for home expo booth availability today.