5 Things To Factor Into Wedding Venue Selection

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5 Things To Factor Into Wedding Venue Selection

6 May 2021
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Your wedding day will be an occasion to remember for the rest of your life. You can ensure that you have good memories by selecting a good wedding space for the event. Wedding venues typically get booked quickly during wedding season, so it's best to begin your planning as soon as possible. Consider these five important factors before booking a wedding venue.

1. Ambiance

Ambiance is the most important factor of any wedding venue. The ambiance of a space is the overall feeling you get from it. The ambiance of your ideal wedding venue should match the mental image you have of your wedding. Some venues are rustic, while others are luxurious. There's nothing wrong with either option, as long as it agrees with your vision. Pictures can give you some idea of a place's ambiance, but there's no substitute for traveling there in person to see it for yourself.

2. Accessibility

You must consider the accessibility of any given wedding venue before making a commitment. Wedding venues that are in hard-to-find places off the beaten path may be fine for daytime weddings, but guests may have trouble navigating in the dark. If members of your wedding party have mobility issues, you'll need to choose a wedding venue that will accommodate people with mobility aids.

3. Additional Services

Some wedding venues give couples the option of purchasing additional services. For instance, some venues that service a lot of wedding parties offer catering or photography services. Purchasing additional services through your wedding venue can save you the trouble of finding caterers, photographers, and other specialists on your own. However, some couples enjoy the freedom of being able to shop around.

4. Included Furniture And Features

Some wedding venues are furnished, while others are empty. An empty wedding venue gives you many options for customization, which is important to some people. On the other hand, a fully furnished wedding venue may be cheaper in the long run, since you won't have to rent tables and chairs for your guests. If you choose a furnished venue, make sure the furniture is to your liking.

5. Space

Finally, you need to make sure that your wedding venue is the right size for your wedding party. People who plan to invite all their friends and family members may need a spacious venue, like a wedding ballroom. Larger venues can feel too empty if you're planning an intimate gathering. People with small wedding parties may be happier with a cozy, intimate space for their wedding and reception.

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