5 Reasons Remote Workers Who Video Conference Need An Office

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5 Reasons Remote Workers Who Video Conference Need An Office

26 April 2022
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Are you one of the growing number of workers who now work remotely and use video conferencing on a regular basis? While the convenience of working from home is appealing for good reasons, people who participate in frequent video conferences may benefit more from using a coworking office instead. Why? Here are five of the most important reasons to make this switch. 

1. A Professional Background. As you meet with others over video links, they see not only you but also your environment. Home offices tend to look like a person's home rather than an office. And some may be cramped, borrowed spaces from other uses, or not private. When you stream from a professional office, you give a professional and dignified appearance. 

2. A Better Setup. How many times have your meetings been hampered by someone's bad internet connection, dodgy equipment, or questionable lighting? Don't be that person who distracts from an important subject. Instead, let a coworking space create the setup you need for video calls. This includes proper lighting, high-quality internet, and furnishings designed with modern work needs in mind. 

3. Ancillary Services. Coworking space subscribers don't just get a desk. They also get access to a plethora of auxiliary needs usually handled by an employer. For instance, you might get the use of fax and copy machines, built-in video equipment, a break area, and different meeting rooms. Whether you need to quickly fax a legal proposal during a meeting or take a rest between multiple client meetings, you can do it all in one place.

4. Everything Handy. Analyze your home workspace in terms of how convenient it is when you make video calls. You often can't leave the specific video conference area for materials, references, or to display parts of your presentation. Could you be better served by having access to a more traditional office during calls? Could you use shelves of reference materials, a larger desk, or storage cabinets at hand? Then you may need an office. 

5. No Photobombs. As many Americans shifted suddenly to the work-from-home life, the appearance of dogs, cats, and kids on video calls become the norm. However, now that you're working long-term from your home base, this kind of photobombing isn't as funny anymore. Ensure it never makes you look silly by moving your calls outside the home. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about using a coworking office space? Start by touring dedicated facilities in your area today.