What Is Usually Included In A Wedding Venue Package?

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What Is Usually Included In A Wedding Venue Package?

22 May 2023
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Purchasing a wedding venue package allows you to get extra services included when you rent a venue. Doing so can make things less stressful for you because you won't have to do as much planning, you'll only have to work with one person instead of many, and it's easier to coordinate everything. If you want to make planning your wedding much easier, it's worth considering a wedding venue package. 

Here are some of the things that are usually included in a wedding venue package:

The Venue

Every wedding venue is unique, and you might be looking for specific qualities. When you get a wedding venue package, you obviously get access to their event venue, so consider what details are important to you so you choose the right one. Having a nice venue to get married at ensures that your wedding will be extra special and memorable. 


Food is an important part of weddings, from the snacks to the main meal. If you purchase a wedding venue package, they'll usually take care of all of your food needs for you. You'll work with them to choose which food options you like, let them know each guest's meal choice, etc., and they'll take care of everything else. 

Bar Services

Most weddings will have bar services so your guests can drink, which tends to make people more social. If you get a wedding venue package, they'll usually have the option to offer bar services during your event. In some cases, you can pay extra to offer an open bar for your guests, either temporarily or for the entire event. 

Tables and Chairs

When you have a wedding party, you need to ensure that all your guests have a place to sit, eat, etc. Most wedding venue packages will include providing the tables and chairs for your guests. You'll give them a head count for your guests, and they'll ensure everyone has somewhere to sit. 


Decorations are an important part of any wedding, and they help create the atmosphere for the event. Rather than having to hire a separate decoration company, most wedding venue packages will include the decorations and set them up for your event. They'll do everything from centerpieces to flower arrangements, based on your requests.

Clean Up

When your wedding party is over and your guests leave, the last thing you'll want to do is stay behind to clean up. Luckily, cleanup services are included in most wedding venue packages.

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