Four Wedding Photo Booth Considerations

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Four Wedding Photo Booth Considerations

23 June 2017
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You might be enthusiastic about the prospect of having a photo booth at your wedding. A photo booth can be a fun, personal way for your guests to receive something they can take home and provides another wedding activity in addition to eating and dancing. Just be sure to do these tasks before your booth arrives at the site of your wedding.

Ask About Features

Photo booths these days may be more advanced than you remember them; many booths have great features that you may not be aware of. For instance, some photo booths offer a viewing screen on the exterior so anyone walking by can be tickled and amused by the high jinks happening inside. You can choose a model that pops out the pictures right away, or stores the images on an internal camera to be printed at full-size later on.

See It Before the Wedding

It's one thing to see booths online or hear about them over the phone, but it's smart to ensure you see the booth that will be at your wedding right away. You need to figure out how many people can comfortably stand in the booth, whether there's seating in the booth and where the camera is positioned. You may end up selecting a different booth than you initially planned to get.

Get Props

Taking pictures with friends and relatives is fun, but you can add even more enjoyment by getting props that people can use in their photos. For example, you might get zany eyeglasses, bright wigs, fake mustaches, and other silly accessories. You may want to offer a number of backdrops as well. You'll be thrilled with the different pictures and scenarios your guests can create inside the booth.

Get Details about the Rental

Once you've got the booth itself out of the way, it's time to get down to booth business. You've got to ensure you're reading all the details about the rental and asking questions about contingency plans, delivery times, damage and other issues. Of particular note should be how many hours the rental fee covers and what you should do if the booth malfunctions while your event is underway.

With attention to these tasks, you can feel excited about offering a photo booth at your wedding without worrying that there will be a problem. Discuss your wedding with a booth vendor so they can recommend the most suitable booth for the occasion.