Uses for a Retractable Stanchion System at a Hotel

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Uses for a Retractable Stanchion System at a Hotel

9 March 2022
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When you run a hotel, there will be many occasions in which you'll want to rent a retractable stanchion system from a local event rental company. Instead of buying this system and needing to find a place to store it, you'll appreciate the convenience of visiting the rental center and retrieving what you need whenever you need it. This system of posts and belts can come in handy in numerous places around your property — both indoors and outdoors. Here are three common ways that you can expect your hotel to use a retractable stanchion system.

Restricting Access

There may be various times that you need to restrict access to a certain area of your hotel. A short retractable stanchion system — perhaps numbering just a few posts — can be useful for this task. For example, if you're repairing your outdoor swimming pool, you'll want to keep guests away from the pool deck. It's easy to set up a stanchion system across one or more access points to the pool deck so that your guests keep their distance. In the event of maintenance or remodeling in a hallway of your building, you can set up a stanchion system in the appropriate area of the hall to ensure no guests wander into the work zone.

Creating Order in Food Areas

A retractable stanchion system can be useful in the restaurant area of your hotel. If you have a Sunday brunch buffet that is popular among guests and perhaps other people from the community, you want to ensure that people line up to approach the buffet. You can rent this system each week in advance of Sunday, and then position it in front of the buffet. Instead of people just approaching the buffet wherever they'd like, they'll enter the stanchion system queue and wait their turn.

Controlling Entry at Large Events

Your hotel may occasionally host large events in which you want to control the entry of people. For example, if you have a conference center attached to your hotel, there may be rules about how many people can occupy the conference center's rooms at each time. A retractable stanchion system that leads up to the entrance of each of these rooms will keep your guests lined up properly, and a staff member or hired security professional can stand at the entrance of the room and ensure that it doesn't get too crowded. To find a retractable stanchion system that will work for your hotel's particular needs, contact an event rental company.  

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