Why You Should Increase Ventilation In Your Cigar Shop Beyond What Your State Requires

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Why You Should Increase Ventilation In Your Cigar Shop Beyond What Your State Requires

22 September 2022
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Your state has laws governing your cigar shop, but those laws vary in intensity depending on the state. Something that those laws might concentrate on is ventilation, especially if you have separate purchasing and smoking areas, like a smoker's lounge attached to your main shop. Whatever the laws are in your state, it would be a good idea to increase and improve the ventilation in your shop above and beyond what's required. While ventilation will not remove all smoke or smoke odor, it can remove enough to have a few extra benefits.

Clearing the Air More May Help Customers Detect Cigar Aroma

Say you have a smoking lounge attached to the retail portion of your shop, and while people don't really smoke in the retail portion, the smoke from the lounge gets into that section of the building on a regular basis. If you improve the ventilation in both sections so that less smoke from the lounge ends up in the retail section (and smoke that gets into the retail section is vented out more quickly), it may be easier for your customers to detect cigar aroma when evaluating what to buy. There will be less competition, so to speak, for their sense of smell.

More Ventilation Is Better Able to Handle Larger Crowds and Bigger Events

If you regularly hold events at your shop, better ventilation will be able to handle bigger events with more people and more smoking. Again, ventilation is not a magic cleaning tool that gets rid of smoke, but it will let more out so that the interior of the building doesn't become quite as smoky. Even heavy smokers have their limits as to what they can stand when inside with a cloud of cigar smoke.

You Never Know When Laws Will Become Stricter

Over time, laws covering smoking and tobacco/cigar shops have gotten stricter, even in states that just a couple of decades ago rebelled against most smoking laws. By improving and increasing ventilation now, you may find that you won't have to jump to make additional improvements if your state tightens its restrictions. This is not a guarantee, obviously, but it really cannot hurt to have excellent ventilation now. It only helps and could continue to help you for years. Whether you're planning to increase the number of events you hold at your lounge or merely want to stay ahead of potential state regulations, having great ventilation at your cigar shop can only be a good thing.

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